The Theme Of Genre In The Hobbit

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The word “genre” is defined as a category of artistic composition, whether that art be painting, music, or literature. Genres are always defined by an origin point, the first and most essential example of its kind. In the case of literature, these are known as classical books. Novels and stories that are responsible for developing or popularizing a certain style, or theme. An easy example of a classical book responsible for creating genres could be The Hobbit. A fantasy novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien to entertain his children and keep track of the bedtime stories he continuously told them. Tolkien’s wonderous stories bore a new era of creation, seeing the continuation of the story in Lord of the Rings, and becoming the basis for modern fantasy…show more content…
They describe hobbits as homely, addicted to consistency and with a great distaste for change. These small beings live in luxury, their pantries full to the brim with food and their smoking pipes finding no shortage of use. Hobbits are so uninterested in adventure that they seem to replace all hobbies with extra meals. Bilbo is hardly an exception to this norm. He expresses a deep mistrust of adventurous situations during his first conversation with Gandalf, and admits that he will not find any candidates for his expedition while in Bag End. “We are plain and quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner! I can’t think what anybody sees in them,” (Tolkien 18). A very clear message, indeed, but what most don’t see is how this attitude is intended to emulate real people. Nobody would like to admit it, but many have grown comfy and complacent in their lives. They take on the position of Bilbo, and every other Hobbit of Bag End. Afraid of danger or change, there is no need to move or attempt new and dangerous activities. Don’t bother with adventure, just have a seat and eat some cakes, it’s time for second breakfast! This cowardly nature is twice presented in the citizens of Lake-Town, of whom are so terrified by the dragon Smaug that they refuse to do anything about the monster. The residents believe the beast is…show more content…
That is the theme of The Hobbit, the definitive fantasy novel that birthed a generation of inspired literature. The heroism that Bilbo lacked, the heroism that he later earned in his own rite of passage. Becoming a hero is no easy feat, but we must all make our own attempts at becoming a hero. No matter how comfy and cozy we are sitting around in our holes and feasting on snacks between first and second dinner. Tolkien shows us the journey of a simple hobbit, a representative of our own laziness and cowardice, in order to encourage heroism in all who read his

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