The Theme Of Good And Evil In Dante's Inferno

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Dante is a poet who wrote an epic poem called The Divine Comedy. This epic poem is about Dante’s journey as he goes through 3 levels, which he calls Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise. In the Inferno, he meets Virgil, his guide throughout his voyage. They both pass through the nine circles of Hell, where they witness many different punishments for those who have done awful things in their past. Good versus evil is a major theme that occurred throughout Hell. In the Inferno, there are times where Dante sees good and evil and also represents it himself. In The Divine Comedy: The Inferno, Dante defines the meaning of good. To Dante, “good” are the sinners who sinned by accident and ended up in Hell because of it. Dante believes there are good…show more content…
Dante had different thoughts when seeing the good and the evil sinners. As Dante goes through the Inferno, he sees sinners who are tearing up and looking terrible. In circle eight, he witnessed sinners who have committed fraud and rape, yet also saw some who were accidently accused of those crimes and did not deserve to be in Hell. “Here pity, or here piety, must die if the other lives; who’s wickeder than one that’s agonized by God’s high equity?” (Aligheri, Canto 20). He felt pity for some, in which Virgil had to tell him to bear with it and that there is no pity in Hell. Dante was biased about his thoughts of good and evil when determining which sinner was good and which sinner was evil. Sinners are also in Purgatory and are considered good too, since they repented their sins. Throughout the Inferno, Dante as a character represents both good and evil. Dante represents good and evil with the sinners placed in Hell, and his reactions to their torment. He was sympathetic towards some souls because their sins were not as terrible as those of the other sinners. However, Dante was cruel towards sinners as well. In the ninth circle of Hell, circle of treachery, Brutus and Cassius were in the lowest level of Hell because of their assassination of Julius Caesar, who was the founder of the Roman Empire. Dante saw Julius Caesar as a necessary key to God 's plan for human happiness, so therefore Brutus and Cassius were severely punished (Aligheri, Canto 34). The
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