The Theme Of Identity In Renaude By Charlotte Bondy

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Identity is something we all know about. We need to figure out who we are as a person and identity is a big part of us. Without it we would all be identical on the inside. On the outside, we would still be as deferent as we are now. The short story “Renaude” by Charlotte Bondy puts identity in focus, together with other problematics like youth and sexuality. Youth is a big problematic in the short story, because the story is told by a sixteen years old girl and it is about her life.
The main character is Carla. The story is told through her, and her thoughts. She is sixteen in the beginning of the story and turns seventeen. She lives with her mom and dad. Her life at home is a safe environment compared to the other characters. Her best friend is Mischa. She tests out the boundaries by taking drugs with Mischa. She is attracted to other females. When she is at Renaude’s house, she feels homesick, and when she gets home, she is glad that her mom
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They are both into girls, and they both fall in love with Renaude. When they are home alone at Mischa’s house they sometimes watch porn together or do drugs. They are testing the boundaries together. They both stand out from others. Mischa does it because he looks like a girl with his long curly hair, and Carla does it because of her masculine look. Therefore, they can understand what the other is going through.
The short story follows the normal plot structure, which means that it has an exposition, a rising action, a climax, a falling action and a resolution. In the exposition, we get an introduction of how Mischa and Clara met. In the part where the action is rising we hear about the friendship between Mischa and Clara, and we hear something about Mischa’s background. The climax is when Renaude joins their friendship. The falling in action is when they live Renaude’s house. The resolution is where they are back in Carla’s house and lie side by side in the
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