The Theme Of Indifference In Night And Night

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The Holocaust was a massacre of over six million Jews that occurred during the Nazi Regime that has been regarded as one of the most significant events in history. However, multiple forms of media such as literary works and films have incorporated this horrid event into a lesson about an aspect far more common and greater in today’s society, indifference. Indifference is literally “the lack of interest, concern, or sympathy towards someone or something” (Holocaust). Night, by Elie Wiesel, is an excellent example of a literary work that depicts the theme of indifference through the main character, Eliezer. Night is not only a nonfiction novel about the Holocaust, but is written by a Jewish boy who was in an actual concentration camp. In…show more content…
As well as this, the novel signifies indifference of the will to live, whereas the film hardly mentions it among the Jews. As the end of the story grows near, Elie notes the indifferent attitude of those simply forcing themselves to go on, to survive during a Winter march: “Beneath our feet there lay men, crushed, trampled underfoot, dying. Nobody paid attention to them” (89). Yet again, indifference is illustrated because of how they no longer had the will to push themselves. Instead, the Jews started following orders out of habit and lacked the will to object. Lastly, the novel shows little to no opposition from the Germans, demonstrating Nazi indifference. When the officers at the camp separate the men and women. Elie says these officers declare orders in “words spoken quietly, indifferently, without emotion” (29). In other words, the Nazi officers are simply carrying out orders to avoid exhibiting that they are against anti-Semitic norms that most Germans have adopted. In the film however, although Bruno’s father is a Nazi general, his mother and grandmother still demonstrate a strong opposition toward the Nazi party’s anti-Semitism the more they are exposed to it. For example, while the mother gets into a big argument with her husband, the grandmother refuses to show up at her son’s house for a visit (Boy in Striped Pajamas). Unlike the Nazis in the novel, this clearly
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