The Theme Of Love And Marriage In Pride And Prejudice

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In Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, one of the major themes is love and marriage. Elizabeth is portrayed as a movement towards women’s rights and what is wrong with society and their views of women as material possessions or collateral. Jane Austen seems to do this in a satirical way by bringing light to these issues in a comical romance, hidden in the humor. On the very first page of the novel, you have Mrs. Bennet not only desperately wanting to marry off her five daughters, but also to a man she knows nothing about other than what she has heard about his wealth. She is very desperate for her daughters to marry wealthy and men of high social standings, however when her daughters are courted by them she always seems to have an issue…show more content…
Women at this time were still expected to be seen behind the stove, tending to the children, but yet keeping up their own appearances and social class was a major role to fulfill as a woman. If a woman was middle-class and married upper she would be expected to maintain the upper-class attitude and appearance while attending to her wifely and motherly duties at all times. Men were superior and still are today, just not as much. Men were the ones that worked, held the real social stakes, socialized and represented their families. Mr. Collins, a cousin, was to inherit the Bennet estate, why not his own daughters? The women in the novel are too high class to work, jobs for women are not even really mentioned as it was improper for a young lady to work as well during this era, and their only option is to marry well or to be an old maid penny pincher. “Lower-class women could be servants, domestic help, factory workers, prostitutes, etc. Middle- and upper-class women could help, in some cases, with a family business, but generally, the economy and the society dictated that women should work in the home, taking care of home and hearth” ( In general, women could be educated under the circumstance that their studying did not interfere with their household duties. Charlotte Lucas is one of the characters in the novel that does not marry for love. She marries Mr. Collins as only a means of money,
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