The Theme Of Materialism In A Diva's Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

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A timeless theme is a generalization about life or the human experience that changes in time and place. A timeless theme will always have an impact on human conditions and the society. Audiences experience timeless theme in many different kinds of literature, no matter how modern or old they are. A timeless theme can also bring out the good and bad side of humans and timeless themes will appear constantly throughout human history. The timeless theme love of money or greed of money has been explored various times throughout the history, from the play “A Christmas Carol” written by Charles Dickens in 1843, to the film “A Diva’s Christmas Carol” directed by Richard Schenkman in 2000. It is relevant even in today’s world of materialism. Humanity’s…show more content…
The timeless theme greed was shown throughout Ebony Scrooge and how she treated her manager, her crew, and old bandmate Marli Jacob. In the movie, Ebony treated her manager and her crew poorly in many different ways. She only valued fame, money along with success and she never bothered contacting her family. Ebony’s crew was also overworked and rarely received holidays off. This shows that Ebony is a selfish and inconsiderate person. Her uncaring character successfully helped to develop the greedy theme in the story. Secondly, Ebony did not treat her crew fairly. In the film she lived in one of the most elegant and lavish hotels in town, on the other hand, her crew lived in one of the most dreadful motels in town. This part of the story also validates the themes of the film. Ebony as a celebrity wanted to show off her wealth and capability, so she decided to live in a five-star hotel, however, she left her crew behind in the dark thinking that she was more superior than everyone else. This situation was very comparable to some events in the early 2000’s. During that time period, most of the superstars had a habit of being a “Diva”, which means they were not charitable and they loved to show off there wealth and power in an atrocious way. As a result, they were disliked by a majority of people and most of the celebrities resented
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