The Theme Of Materialism In 'Imported Dogs'

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The writer wanted to emphasize the idea of materialism, it’s a materialistic world in which an ambitious man meets a young beautiful woman. They both have the same concept about marriage, he wanted to marry a well-off woman with a good family name and she admired his ambitious spirit. The writer is able to tell a very complex and long story in just a few pages that it feels like you are reading a full length novel and you can imagine the whole story from reading just a few paragraphs.

The first paragraph shows the perfect couple, wife and husband sitting in the garden of their villa while the wife is playing and petting her small white dog. The writer here sheds light on the theme of appearance verses reality, then the story starts to unfold. The wife starts comparing between her husband and her cousin “Shawkat” who bought his wife three Ukrainian dogs, which shows that her family is wealthy unlike her husband and this brings out the idea of jealousy and materialism. Her husband wonders about her cousin’s source of money and how he is able to afford such luxury.

On one level, the husband feels jealous from his wife’s cousin and their relationship as her cousin was the reason that
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This brings about the theme of appearance verses reality. The dog Sakky can be replaced by any other thing. The reader later on realizes that the dog is just a symbol to bring out the tension and issues between the two main characters of the short story. The writer chooses this animal in particular to highlight the main quality of loyalty that dogs possess in contrast to humans. The writer also chooses the word “imported” to emphasize the classification used by humans and their tendency in preferring to buy a European god to show their high
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