The Theme Of Mount Pleasant, By Mary Louise Buxton

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Children tend to have a vivid imagination and sometimes they are unable to grasp certain concepts or understand why people act in certain ways. That being said, the theme in the short story “Mount Pleasant” by Mary-Louise Buxton, where we follow a young girl named Elizabeth her family in their new home. While she tries to cope with what is going on in her life while also perhaps misjudging different people and events.
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Mary-Louise Buxton's short story "Mount Pleasant" starts out in medias res with the following sentence; “Mammy’ll take me to the wooden spoon if she catches me up in the attic”. The reader is instantly introduced to the protagonist and story without having been given any kind of background information. However
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One of which is the fact Elizabeth discovers a picture of a young boy aged around 10, who used to live in their new house. The father then places the picture on the mantelpiece, and from that point on Elizabeth begins to believe that the house is haunted. It says; "I hear somebody fall and the noise of the beams holding the house up jolting hard, creaking in the wind. I can just about see the outline of our bedroom door ajar in the dark. [...]. I can feel the weight of somebody sitting in my bed, somebody watching.” She is terrified, so she rushes to the conclusion that it is the boy from the picture that is haunting the house, afterwards she attempts to make the mother burn the picture by placing it in the…show more content…
The father lets Elizabeth and her sister stay out later than their usual curfew, while also making hot cocoa and syrup sandwiches for them and carries them to bed. Unlike the mother, the father actually has the patience for raising the children, it says; "We always touch Daddy for a bit of coin after he's been to the betting shop Fridays, and has won on the dogs or the horses [...]". Instead of scolding Elizabeth and her sister for pestering him, and then proceed to punish them, he lets them have

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