The Theme Of Mystery In Kingdom Keepers II, By Ridley Pearson

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The common thought that people have about Disney is happiness and merriment. Ridley Pearson provides an opposing view in the book “Kingdom Keepers II” by showing the darkest parts of what we thought we all knew. Pearson allows this to occur by taking the reader through the lives of kids who work as DHIs(Disney Host Interactions) that become holographic people that fight the villains. Pearson not only does this to show his opinion, but he uses it to intrigue the reader enough to want to keep reading. This fictional fantasy about Disney and Disney parks are incomprehensible and allows an appeal to readers. There is a recurring theme of Mystery, created by Pearson, by using literary devices. The literary devices of Person vs. Self, Person vs. …show more content…

Nature is involved in Kingdom Keepers in order to create a theme of mystery, as shown for rain being a recurring natural object that happens in the park throughout the book. Rain is most significant in the beginning of the book when everything is getting progressively worse,“But things go very wrong when a sudden lightening storm disrupts the celebration”(Hyperion). This creates commotion that makes people such as the DHIs not know what is happening. Animals create a theme of mystery in the book of Kingdom Keepers. Animals create this theme because they always stop the DHIs from getting to Maleficent,“But the monkeys grew daring, tightening the circle around Finn”(Ridley). Monkeys, particularly in this situation, slows down Finn from going to save Jez from being trapped. Finally, the DHIs always find themselves lost and not knowing where they are required to go. The kids can not find out where to go because the jungle is so enormous and crowded,“He left the path and entered the jungle, keeping close to the enclosure's netted wall”(Ridley). This makes the reader wonder what is in the middle of the jungle and why he has to stay on the netted wall. The chaos expressed by nature makes people have troubles with each other resulting in the topic of Person vs. …show more content…

Machine is when there is some kind of animatronic that that creates conflict with the main characters or even anyone else. The first example is when the DHIs encounter a battle again the animatronic Overtakers,“The Overtakers are the animatronics and fantasies that Walt Disney created”(George). These conflicts are the most considerable obstacles that the kids need to subjugate. Everyone in the book,good people and evil people, are having problems with the computer systems. The whole entire park including the animatronics are controlled through these computer servers,“[T]he evil Overtakers have gained regulation of one of the computer servers”(Hyperion). The Overtakers took jurisdiction of the animals/DHI system which created trouble for the kids. Along with nature, there are animatronics that are made to be animals. The animatronics are used to try to eliminate the DHIs shown in the quote,”The dinosaur snorted and charged down the track at him”(Ridley). The Overtakers used a treacherous animal in order to slow the kids down from stopping

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