The Theme Of Peer Pressure In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Throughout the book Night it leads us on a path of what it was like being in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. The people in the camps such as the Jews were treated as if they were prisoners. They barely were fed, and were worked until their bodies couldn't work anymore. The times in Auschwitz were mentally and physically draining to the 1.3 million that were held in the camp. Not only did this act happen in this point of time of the Holocaust. It recently has happened in our daily society. A mother named Dee Dee Blanchard put on an act that her daughter constantly kept getting sick and having different problems with her health. Although this was all a lie, the daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard put matters into her own hands of…show more content…
His father is at his feet begging him not to do it, but it wasn’t enough to stop Meir from executing his father. Another case of being influenced by others in the book Night is, “In the wagon where the bread had landed, a battle had ensued. Men were hurling themselves against each other, trampling, tearing at and mauling each other. Beasts of prey unleashed, animal hate in their eyes. An extraordinary vitality possessed them, sharpening their teeth and nails.” (Wiesel 101) In this instance, people in the concentration camps have lost their humane ways due to the lack of food, shelter, and overall care. The prisoners would do all they could to get what they needed in order to stay alive for the next day to come. Although they might not of been like this going into the camp, the way they were treated made them this way. The way they lived was like survivors of the fittest. The people that were the healthiest fought others for food because they needed to eat in order to be healthy so they could work and stay alive. In our daily lives the theme of peer pressure still occurs. Shown in an article, “Did a Rare Form of Child Abuse Make a Daughter Murder Her Mom?” by Harriet Sokmensuer, the whole point of the article is to describe why the daughter killed her mother. The mother, Dee Dee Blanchard suffered from Munchausen by proxy, which is a disease where someone exaggerates or induces illness in a child for attention

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