The Theme Of Poverty In 'Fly Away Home' By Eve Bunting

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The story ¨Fly Away Home¨" By Eve Bunting is an example of one of the world's biggest issues, which is poverty. Fly away home teaches the younger generation to be thankful for what you have. Fly Away Home theme is about being thankful for you, what have because Andrew doesn't have a place to call home, does labor instead of education, and hopes for a better future even with all of his anger and his misery. Not everyone has a place to call home, where they can feel safe. At the start of the story of "Fly Away, Home" we just see the how terrible and scary Andrew's life is. Andrew is very Pessimistic because he doesn't have a place to call home. In the story, Fly Away Home, Andrew said: "That's because we don't have a home and the…show more content…
At the end of the story, We see more of what we should be thankful. We Ignored Andrew's anger and misery and Realize How Andrews Hopeful for what he needs.In the story, Andrew said "Sometimes I get mad, and I want to run at them and push them and shout, "Why do you have homes when we don't? What makes you so special?" That would get us noticed, all right." Another thing we see that Andrew just wants a home and education, he wants cried because he does have what we have. Andrew right at the end said"Then I remember the bird. It took a while, but a door opened. And when the bird left, when it flew free, I know it was singing"Andrew has no home, no education.Just hope.He gets really emotional at times, but we get why.You who are reading this have the secret weapon(education) and a home.Andrew has to waited and be emotionally different from you due to what he lacks to survive 21st century .You are thinking what this had to do with Being thankful for you what have but have you noticed that you who reading this essay is not waiting for education to come to you or a home to keep your warm.You probably had anger and misery in one point of your life for small thing not like andrew.Be thankful because you donẗ have to wait you have it already.Another thing you might be thinking why I added anger and

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