The Theme Of Resistance In Angela's Ashes And The Street

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Accoring to Merrim-Webster Dictionary, resistance is defined as "an act or instance of resisting: opposition, a means of resisting" or the capacity to resist: such as survive exposure to a toxic agent(815). From this definition, it can be futher explained the common theme between two passages. Throughout Frank McCourt's novel, Angela's Ashes, and Ann Petry's novel, The Street, the theme of resistance is suffieciently developed in characters, events, and settings. The theme of resistance in Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes is shown thorugh a boy preventing his family's demise, through begging, stealing, and his brief discomfort, in the winter of Ireland. McCourt problem solves when he states, "Still, I'll have to try Kathleen O'Connell once more"(3). With the boy's mother sick and his siblings hungry due the familys' state of poverty, the boy is trying to figure out who to go to for help. This quote shows the boy's determination to take care of his mother, and feed his brothers, despite the lack of people willing to help, including direct family. The boy is attempting to prevent the misfortunes by deciding to taking action. A related event takes place when the same boy sticks the bread under his jersey with O'Connell's stolen lemonade and made a "promise to tell everything in confession"(McCourt 5). The boy is stealing food and lemonade to feed his hungry brothers and quench his sick mother's thirst rather than ask and be denied provisions. By stealing these needed resources

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