The Theme Of Sacrifice In 'Half-Blood'

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You never know when something life changing happens, until it's too late. In the Olympus series, Percy Jackson wants to have a normal life, but because he is a demigod, it is extra challenging for him because of the monsters, so he tries to keep all of his friends safe and defend camp Half-Blood at the same time. Rick Rordan creates an amazing story that portrays the theme that a selfless person requires sacrifice, and sacrifice requires loss, which results in a better person for the world. Percy Jackson, an eighteen year old demigod at camp Half-Blood, shows selflessness through his sacrifices and his losses. First, Percy has his fatal flaw, which is his biggest flaw in his personality, which is that he will be too loyal to his friends and will have to sacrifice something or someone dear to him. He had to make the hard choices of bathing in the river Styx, which made him invincible, but he had to get his mother’s blessing, and had to pick a spot on his…show more content…
She said that annabeth had to follow her destiny, which involved fighting her mothers’ mortal enemy, the spider Achracne because she was guarding a very important statue. Annabeth knew that thousands of other children of Athena had tried to get the statue back, but with no avail. She was the first and only one to retrieve it, and thus healed the rift between the demigods. Although she had to retrieved the statue, she fell into Tartarus, or the demigod version of hell, with Percy, and she had almost gone insane because of that trip. The air was acid, the ground was the body of Tartarus, and the only respites they got were a small stop with a giant, and drinking out of the River of Fire. In conclusion, Rick Rordan portrays the theme that a selfish person requires sacrifice, and sacrifice requires loss through two of the main characters, Percy and Annabeth in all of his books of the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus
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