The Theme Of Silence In Much Ado About Nothing

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‘Silence’ is a recurring theme in post-colonial literature. It is a form of communication. It is a notable concept in Literature that attracts many readers. Not all silences sound same. The expression of silence reveals different meaning s to different persons on different situations. Silence arising in the midst of a conversation can sometimes be comfortable and meaningful, whereas in other situations they remain as an obstacle between the communicators. Especially silence of women may express agreement without any objection, fear, pain, suffering, endurance or a means of protest.1 But according to Shakespeare “Silence is the perfect herald of joy” in Much Ado about Nothing. 2

In the novels of Shashi Despande , Silence is the theme which can easily be felt by the readers throughout her novels. Breaking of silence by her protagonists in different ways makes their voice heard by everyone. So far as women’s work, speech,
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On the day of wedding her name was changed from Jaya to “Suhasini”. Two contrary characteristics Jaya means victory and Suhasini means soft and smiling. Again Jaya is at the verge of remaining in silence without raising her voice. She adopted the strategy that silence and surrender should be the main trait of an Indian woman. The tips given by Vanitamami for a good wife became a foundation of Jaya’s silence married life. She accepted Mohan as a sheltering tree and satisfied with her role as Sita and even she compare herself with Gandhari. Silence becomes a symbol of patience and endurance. Her Ajji taught her to wait, the waiting game.
“wait until you get married, wait until your husband comes, wait until you go to your in law‘s home, wait until you have kids. Yes, ever since I got married, I had done nothing but wait” (TLS 30) .Waiting is synonym for silence that means to shut your mouth and wait for the happenings of your
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