The Theme Of Strength And Honor In Beowulf

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As I read Beowulf I see a traditional man of strength and honor that believes in God. Beowulf’s strength as a worrier, allows him to bring honor to his family and his people, which is what is captivating in this poem. Beowulf is shown to be a light in the darkest of time for the people of the Danes. When Beowulf volunteers his life and his comrades lives to save the people from an evil monster named Grendel. Hrothgar the King of the Danes praises God for Beowulf’s pledge and seems to be a man of faith. On one occasion he reminds Beowulf of the lessons of the Greek tragedians: that pride, untampered by humility, will result in the tragic fall. In the same aspect, Hrothgar does not show faith in God, he just wondered if God would turn the tide
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