The Theme Of W. W Jacobs, '' Monkey's Paw'

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The horror and suspenseful story "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs has a setting in a house on an abandoned street. W.W. Jacobs uses story elements such as characterization, setting, and plot to contribute to the theme of this story. The characters of this story are the mother Mrs. White, the father Mr. White, the son Herbert, and finally the Sergeant-Major Morris. The conflict starts when Sergeant-Major Morris introduces the White family to the Monkey's paw. Little does Mr. White know, that when he wishes upon the monkey's paw, he put himself and his whole family in danger.

Like i said, the conflict starts when the White family finds out about the monkey's paw. The wish that puts the whole family in danger is when Herbert tells his father to wish for two hundred pounds so he can pay off his house. The man gets the two hundred pounds, but not in the way he wanted to get it. Mr. White got his money in exchange for his sons life. When this happened, he realized that the only thing that the monkey's paw did was bring pain, and sorrow. He was not planning on wishing upon it again because he did not want anyone else in his family get hurt or even worse, die. Later in the story, he wakes up to the sobbing of his wife. She remembers that the monkey's paw had unlimited power so she told Mr. White to wish their son back to life. Although he does not want to, he still does it anyway. That night there is excessive knocks at the door in the middle of the night. The knock was
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