The Theme of Deception in Hunters in the Snow Essay

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The short story Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff depicts three men that go on a hunting trip that changes the course of their lives. Each character lies to himself to accept his actions in his life. Kenny, Frank, and Tub need to successfully fool themselves before they can deceive anyone else. Each of the men are immature and selfish. They don't realize how their decisions impact other people's lives. They justify their lies with their own insecurities about their lifestyles. Their lies impact the situations they encounter and change their lives forever.

Kenny is the bully of the group. He is constantly making fun of Frank and Tub, playing on their insecurities. Kenny is the stereotypical alpha male. He has to be in
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Kenny is oblivious to his impact on the other two's self-esteem. He is covering up his own flaws by constantly pointing out his friends'. He lies to himself and decides it's acceptable to cause other people misery if the end result is no one sees his own problems.

Frank morphs his personality into whatever someone wants him to be. To others he has the perfect family; however, he has a secret. When he is with Kenny he is rude to Tub. But when he is with Tub he seems to be himself. His affair with the babysitter is killing this supposed family man. He doesn't want to leave his wife simply because she's been good to him. The obvious reason of love isn't even mentioned in relation to his wife. When Frank tells Tub about true love it's as if he is a fifteen-year-old girl himself. The way he describes it one could easily imagine the same conversation happening in the girls' bathroom of a high school after a first kiss. "`Tub, have you ever been really in love?' `Well-' `I mean really in love.' He squeezed Tub's wrist. `With your whole being.' `I don't know. When you put it like that, I don't know.' `You haven't then. Nothing against you, but you'd know it if you had.' Frank let go of Tub's arm. `This isn't just some bit of fluff I'm talking about'" (Wolff 88). Frank is extremely immature. His views on life and love make it evident that he would make a connection with a fifteen-year-old. He believes that a friend should be
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