The Theme of Groupthink in “the Sisterhood of the Night” and “the Lottery”

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Date of Submission: The Theme of Groupthink in “The Sisterhood of the Night” and “The Lottery” In “The Sisterhood of the Night” by Steven Millhauser and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, groupthink is a central theme that authors used to explain their main idea. Groupthink is a phenomenon in psychology occurring to individuals where their desire for conformity within their group results in a deviant outcome. This means that the members consider minimizing their conflict while trying to reach a consensus decision without evaluating the alternatives critically. “The Sisterhood of the Night” and “The Lottery” presents this concept in details with relevant examples trying to depict…show more content…
They strive to get the winner, which in the end will get the grand prize of death through stoning by the rest of the villagers (Jackson). Coming up with a good explanation that can justify the action of this community is not an easy task. However, a simple reason supporting the ideology is that considering this is a tradition that never seizes, people continue to work together to make it happen. Every individual in the society obeys the traditions and work together to make it happen without considering the repercussion of the outcome: groupthink. According to the author, Shirley Jackson, “the hardest thing in the world is to stand against one’s group”. The use of groupthink in the text shows how individuals are intimidated by some events without realizing the outcome. The participation of the groups in making the faulty decisions of becoming winners always deters their thinking ability since they never realize they are losing a member of their family. Another story that the author uses the theme of groupthink in the setup is, “The Sisterhood of Night.” The author of the book uses a familiar narrative voice in explaining a local peculiarity to an inquisitive stranger. Girls in the adolescent stage normally go out at night to do immoral behaviors. To some extent, they villagers practice witchcraft with some other unspeakable sexual behaviors. “What shall we do with our daughters?” a complaint from the

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