The Theme of Guilt: Enduring Love, Quiet American

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The theme of guilt: Enduring Love, Quiet American

Before starting my essay, I would like to share an extract from an article which is related my topic. I think it is better to start scientific definition of my main argument "Guilt" as a moral concept. In this article, shame and guilt are being discussed and I am going to connect with the characters of the books I am going to write about them. “Analyses of personal shame and guilt experiences provided by children and adults revealed few, if any, "classic" shame-inducing or guilt- inducing situation. Most types of events E.g lying, cheating, stealing, failing to help another, disobeying somebody are cited by some people in connection with
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If he died like Logan, what would happen to Carissa, to press his guilt, he believes he should think not just himself but Clarissa, too. He also says: "Good people sometimes suffered and died, not because their goodness was being tested, but precisely because there was nothing, no one, to test it. No one but us." In my opinion, in this quotation he questions himself, people are tested somehow in that painful situation whether they are good enough or not, whether they have got stamina or not...
Joe finds a way to escape his guilt, he takes help from Clarissa. Her existence makes him feel comfortable but he can't success it. They become closer to each other after Logan's death. "We had nothing to forgive, unless, I suppose, we were absolving each other of the death but those were the feelings that broke with each other wave of sensation"
Joe believes that sharing his every thought and feeling with his partner makes him relax.
It is interesting that although Clarissa is a woman her reaction to the Logan's death is quite different; she seems not very affected by this accident like Joe. She just makes poetic description about the accident. "Hurl'd headlong flaming from

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