Essay The Theme of Humanity in the Time Machine

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The Theme of Humanity in the Time Machine H.G Wells was born in Bromley Kent on the 21st September 1866. He had attended school called Midhurst Grammar in 1883, soon after he had gone to the normal school of science in London. There he had learned biology, which could lead to why he had written science fiction novels. He had left the school without the qualifications to become a writer. He began his career as a writer in 1893 and then continued to create stories, such as the Time Machine. H.G Wells had studied the fourth dimension as he felt very strongly about this issue. The fourth dimension was about moving back and fourth in time. H.G wells had tried to create his own time machine. He had stated “anyone enters the…show more content…
He illustrated his views of the Victorian times by writing the time machine. In this story he wrote how the future would re act if the class divisions had not been divided. The time machine represents class divisions by Elois who are the upper class and lived on top, whereas the Morlocks were the lower class divisions who lived underground. Chapter one, the time traveller has a dinner party. They had gone to another room after eating their dinner to discuss the fourth dimension. The time traveller wanted to demonstrate to them the fourth dimension by his miniature version of the time machine, so that they could become a witness of the fourth dimensions occurring. At this dinner party there are only males present, because in the Victorian times women were not superior to men, this reflects the historical influences that existed in those times and relates to the essay question. Men who attended the time travellers dinner party was not named through out the whole book, except for one whose name was Filby. The other guests were named after their occupation, for example there were psychologists, provincial mayor, medical man, narrator, the very young man and the time traveller himself. The reason why Filby is not named after his occupation is that it was not a very important one. There is also a character who was the time traveller’s domestic servant, her name was Mrs
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