Essay on The Theme of Prejudice In To Kill A Mocking Bird

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The Theme of Prejudice In To Kill A Mocking Bird

A dominant theme in the novel 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' is the cruelty that people inflict upon others. In the small old, tired town of Maycomb most people do not hold on to their convictions when they are put under pressure from others and as result lose their individuality and suffer from prejudice.

From the beginning of the novel we are shown prejudice by the children's prejudice towards Arthur Radley. Who at the age of 18 committed a crime and due to strong beliefs of his father a Baptist minister was locked up from society. He is a victim of strong social prejudice. Boo is at the centre of gossip and superstition. He is a character
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That the ladies have a cheek to talk about other folks as they all have their own faults. Dill's Aunt Rachel has a drink problem and mistreats him. Miss Stephanie is spiteful and Mrs Merriweather hypocritical. And yet these people are all

prejudiced and obsessed with their social status and live for gossip. They represent the town's narrow-minded thinking and ways. Like Boo Mrs Dubose is a lonely outcast. She is a morphine addict and is cruel to others by no choice of her own. And is judged and penalised for it.

Tom on the other hand was nothing but kind to Mayella Ewell, who later accused him of rape. Tom is black and did not stand a chance against Mayella and the jury although Mayella and her Father Bob Ewells story was totally unbelievable, Tom did not stand a chance purely because of the colour of his skin. Aunt Alexandra and the local women talk with great sympathy for poor African tribes but do not spare a thought for their neighbouring Negroes. Although Tom's conviction was wrong and unfair it seems to be accepted by the black people from his community. Although the court is supposed to be the most fair place Tom is prejudice against. Society could not imagine that Mayella Ewell could be so lonely and desperate for affection that she would have behaved the way Tom described. As Mayella is white it is believed

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