The Theme of Symbolism in 'Country Lovers'

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Symbolism in Country Lovers In this story, symbolism is a key element that contributes to the theme of the story. A popular symbol throughout the story is the "gilt hoop earrings." These earrings initially belonged to Paulus who later gave them to Thebedi during their childhood. The main reason why Paulus gave Thebedi the earrings, it was because he loved her. In this case, the earrings symbolized the love they shared. Later on, the story reveals that out of jealousy Paulus killed Thebedi's daughter, but even after this incidence, Thebedi still kept the earrings and wore them. Thebedi accused Paulus of pouring liquid into the child's mouth; she wears the earrings. Thebedi still wears the earrings even in her hysteric situations. During the hearing, Thebedi was in the earrings still. This reveals that, Thebedi still had a love for Paulus although she knew they could never be together (Clugston, 2010). The story also uses the baby symbolically. The story portrays Paulus as panicking after he saw Thebedi's child. It draws a situation where, anyone who would have laid eyes on the baby would agree that the child did not belong to Njabulo and Thebedi. In this story, Njabulo fits a description as being black a great contrast when looking at the child because it had no dark skin. Njabulo has the title of "opaque coffee grounds that had always been called black." This emphasizes the skin of Njabulo that he was too dark skinned. The skin of the child would make anyone know that its
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