The Theme of Symbolism in Literary Works

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The Theme of Symbolism in Literary Works

ENG 125: Introduction to Literature

August 1, 2011

The Theme of Symbolism in Literary Works There are many literary works available to discover different themes, such as, symbolism. There are stories of death, love, racism, and much more, and not only that, but they are found in any form of literature from dramas to poems to short stories. However, the symbolism of the “journey of life” is most interesting because most people are drawn to stories that involve human nature, and knowing that they are able to connect to the story or people in the story, on a more emotional or personal level. The poem, The Road Not Taken, and the short story, Used To Live Here Once, are literary works that
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His contradictions and uncertainty are done with and he seems to be proud of the path that he has taken. Overall, the poem delivers a strong theme of curiosity and uncertainty, which in reality, is what comes to mind when thinking about the “journey of life” and what is in everyone’s future. No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day, but we can always remember our struggles of yesterday and before. People always want what is best for them and their loved ones in the end, and the author has made it a point in this poem to demonstrate to others that it is not always easy to find success, and the answers are not always “right in front of you”.
The short story, Used To Live Here Once, is an odd, ironic, and emotional short story, that was written by Jean Rhys in 1976 (Clugston, Sec. 7.5 An Annotated Story Illustrating Elements of Allegory and Motif, para. 2). The story starts out with a woman observing nature, and a home that seems to be something she recognizes from a long-ago memory. She then observes two young children playing, and so she calls to them, but they don’t hear her. The old woman comes closer to them and says “"Hello." Then, "I used to live here once," (Clugston, Sec. 7.5 An Annotated Story…, para. 6). The woman reaches out to touch them. The boy says to his sister, with no change in expression as he
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