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The Theme of a Story Ace Ventura ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Roger Rabbit July 14, 2011 The Theme of a Story Throughout life a person can recall a memory that basically shaped their lives. Often they recount important events that made them into the person they were meant to be. The selection this week is about a memory of a 15 year old young woman that is shaped by something that happened to her while working for a doctor and his wife. She tells about the events when she was 15 that ironically led to the introduction of her eventual husband into her life. Clugston (2010) shows us that “we all filter our relationship to literature through our individual experiences” (Section 7.1, para. 4). In other words,…show more content…
After the secret of their romantic encounter comes out, the whole house is up in arms about Edie being a “filthy” girl. The final secret of the story comes in the form of Edie never telling her husband that she was not waiting by the mailbox every day for him, but the real reason of her being there for a letter that was promised by Chris Watters. In conclusion, the themes of ignorant love, heartbreak and secrecy shape How I Met My Husband. Through the words of Alice Murno, we see that Edie is young and innocent to the adulthood that she is very rapidly thrown into towards the end. The first-person point of view engages the reader to Edie’s feelings while having the bright kitchen as a symbol of happiness and hope show readers that Edie will eventually find true love. References Baron, H. J. (2004). How I Met My Husband. Masterplots II: Short Story Series, Revised Edition, 1-2. Retrieved from Clugston, W. R. (2010). Journey into literature. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Retrieved from Sutton, B. (2005). Munro's HOW I MET MY HUSBAND. Explicator, 63(2), 107-110. Retrieved from

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