The Themed Land Concept Of Parks

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The Themed Lands Concept
All Disney theme parks are designed based on themed lands. In each land, the theme is reflected “in the surrounding infrastructure, the appearance of employees, the character of food and other franchises, and the entertainment” (Curwen, 1995, p.15). The original Disneyland in California was designed with a land that acts as a throughway to guide guests to the castle, Main Street, USA. From the castle, the other themed lands jut out like spokes of a wheel with the castle being the main focal point of the theme park. The Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland all follow the same original layout of the park in California. Most of the theme parks across the world include
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Main Street, USA represents a time of a wholesome America to many guests and while walking down Main Street, USA, they feel a sense nostalgia. For this reason, the moment guests step into a Disney theme park, “America thus becomes the dominant narrative of the park, with the majority of its lands devoted to telling the stories of American history” (Philips, 2002, p.34). Although this land does not host any attractions, it does have shops and eateries for guests to stop by on their way to and from the castle and the rest of the theme park.
Although Tokyo Disneyland claims to be a replica of Disneyland in California, there are a lot of differences between the two theme parks. When building the theme park, the Oriental Land Company modified a few themed lands and attractions so that “themes nostalgic for Americans but meaningless for the Japanese have been renamed and recontextualized to capture the attention of the new clientele” (Brannen, 1992, p. 221). Main Street, USA is renamed to the World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland and keeps “the quasi-Victorian architecture of the buildings”, but hints of Art Deco façade are added to the buildings in Tokyo (Brannen, 1992, p.222; Marling, 1997). The renaming of the land does not change the theming of the land being inherently American. The idea of “Main Street” is a concept used by American towns to describe their main thoroughfare. There are no main streets in Japan so the theming of the land is
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