The Themes Adresses in the Allegory of the Cave Essay

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Explain the Themes addressed in Plato’s allegory of the Cave, Making particular reference to the Theory of Forms There are several themes represented in the allegory of the cave, one of the first themes you come across while reading the Allegory of the Cave is ignorance. The chains binding them to the cave could merely be interpreted as a metaphor for ignorance, as if they wanted to fulfil enlightenment, all they would have to do is ask questions and seek the truth; however they all decide to stay put in the cave and accept the reality presented to them. The reason for this ignorance is because the cave is steep and rigid with sharp rocks; it’s a tricky journey throughout. The prisoners are deep in the cave and struggle to see the…show more content…
Another way the theme of ignorance is portrayed throughout the Allegory of the Cave is when one on the prisoners escapes and fulfils enlightenment, after he has taken in everything, he can he returns to his companions in the cave, who he tells about his enlightenment. They just laugh and mock ‘the truth’ displaying their ignorance to be enlightened themselves, they just accept to be manipulated and controlled by and external source (the guards). Enlightenment is a constant theme in the Allegory of the Cave, from refusing it, to being enlightened. The prisoners in the cave refuse enlightenment even when it is right under their nose; however one prisoner questions their existence and escapes the cave. He sees the brightness of the sun; this is a metaphor for the form on Good. At first he struggles to see because his understanding of the concepts are jaded due to lack of use however after a little persistence his eyes fully open to see everything that surrounds him (this is like when Neo is unplugged in the matrix, he asks why his eyes hurt, the reply is “because you’ve never used them before” this is exactly the same as the people in the cave). Finally the prisoner lifts his head and looks directly at the sun and realises that this is what illuminates all, this is exactly what the form on the good does, the form of the good illuminates the rest of the concepts (justice, love, beauty etc.)This is why the form on the good is placed at the top due to hierarchy of the

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