The Themes Of Family In The Movie The Intouchables

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“‘Ohana’ means ‘family’. ‘Family’ means ‘noone gets left behind’,” is the famous quote from Lilo and Stitch that perfectly portrays the movie The Intouchables. The theme family is shown many times in the movie The Intouchables. It is first seen when a man, named Driss, is hired to care for a paralyzed man and they develop a bond that cannot be broken. It is also seen between Driss and his step-brother. Although these are the main portrayals of family, it is also seen with Driss and his coworkers. The previous relationships mentioned show family in a different way. The people in those relationships are not blood-related yet still manage to treat each other like family. Being treated like family is respecting one another, taking care of each other, and never losing touch no matter how busy life gets. With that being said, family does not always mean being immediate family. In the Intouchables, family is a common theme found in multiple points of the movie. The theme family is first shown when Driss first gets hired to work and take care of Philippe. They get along so easily that their bond forms quickly. They adapted to one another’s personalities so they can joke about one another without someone getting hurt. The first example of their humor is when Driss asks, “Where do you find a paraplegic”, where Philippe then replies, “I don't know”. Driss finishes by joking, “Where you leave him”. This is just the beginning of the blossoming relationship between these two. The fact that Driss did not get fired from this sketchy joke indicates that Philippe is started to take a liking to Driss. He realizes that Driss does not make Philippe’s handicappedness a roadblock, but rather finds ways to use that and have fun with it. Since Philippe cannot feel anything from the waist and down, Driss has a little fun asking questions like, “So if you have red ears, it means you're turned on?” which leads Philippe to respond with “That's it. Sometimes I even wake up with hard lobes”. They both end up laughing and the audience is able to see the progression of their bond. They are so happy hanging out with one another. Just like in a family, you can get irritated with each other, but never tired of one another. Finally, these two men

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