The Themes Of Maya Angelou's Caged Bird

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Yudiria Tapia
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Professor Anderson Maya Angelou jyy I. Maya Angelou was born in the State of Louis, Missouri on April 4, 1928 growing up in the time of discrimination and also racism. Although, she had to deal with reality of a racial society she continued to focus on things she cherished the most in her personal life such as her spiritual faith, and she admires her Grandmother and her family with instilling in her the values that formed her later in life to become the women she was today. When she was about seven years old she went to visit her Mother and her Mother's boyfriend sexually molested her it cause a huge impact that she felt
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Maya Angelou was an American powerful a civil rights activist, award-winning, poet,storyteller, autobiographer, historian, and feminist. Indeed she grew up in the state of of Arkansas. She was one of the first black women as a director in Hollywood, by producing, directing and producing on small stages and for acknowledging all of her hard work she won a Golden Eagle award. Her poems had potentiality empowered the word for example, a Psychologist Chris Boyatzis reported using one of Maya Angelou's poem Caged Bird to support a scientific theory for child development in the topics of effects of abuse, self esteem, gender issues,cognitive development and many more concepts. Most of Maya Angelou's poems always had a real life meaning for instance Phenomenal women empowers women to enlighten women with their inner beauty and love themselves for who they are. Another example is her poem Caged Bird is a description about a caged bird that sees another bird outside the window. The caged bird is trapped with his clipped wings and his feet are tied and sings in pain. The caged bird wants to be set and dream of flying far away from the world but is trapped in the…show more content…
Finally, Maya Angelou had transformed many people's lives she brought one of her life experience when she got abuse into the open and accepted her past by writing one of her best known poems I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Glorifying above all, she broke may barriers in today's society and a wise woman who brought true meaning and wisdom to all of her readers and listeners around the world. Another example is Maya angelou being a great role model and always showing women the power to surpass the many obstacles that women have undergone needs to be done more often, but the fact that our society has a month for women is satisfying to know, Maya Angelou has delivered a message across the world letting others know that women will continue to fight for what they believe is
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