The Themes Of Prejudice In Brownies By ZZ Packer

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Prejudice is defined as a, “preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.” In ZZ Packer’s short story, Brownies, tells the story of young African American girls experiencing racism however there's a turn of events. The story begins with the African American girls immediately taking a dislike to the white girls. At the end of the first day at camp, a girl in the Brownie Troop told the others she heard one of the girls in Troop 909 call one of their girls a “n”. Naturally, the girls are angered by this and hold a secret meeting to discuss beating up the girls of Troop 909. The girls decide it’d be best to attack the girls of Troop 909 when they would be in the bathroom since they would be alone. When the girls get to the bathroom to “teach them a lesson” they discover that the girls of Troop 909 have special needs.
In this story it is much more than a case of black and white, there is prejudice in many forms.
The story takes place at Camp Crescendo, a summer camp near the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Our narrator, Laurel, who is in the Brownie troop tells readers about how the word “Caucasian” excites the girls in her troop, to them “Caucasian” was a comical word that can fit any situation. Laurel and the Brownie troop attend Woodrow Wilson Elementary. Laurel gives readers a clue that the South suburbs of Atlanta are predominantly African American when she says, “Even the only white kid in our school, Dennis, got in on the Caucasian act” (Packer).

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