Essay on The Themes of Good and Evil in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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How are the themes of good and evil explored in Chapters 16 and 17 of
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?

Not only does the idea of ‘good vs. evil’ have relevance in today’s society, but some of the ideas behind the medical advances shown in
‘Frankenstein’ and the moral issues of creating new life in unnatural ways such as cloning, should we really be making life for scientific advances or should we be leaving to nature?

During Chapters 16 and 17, Frankenstein is telling the sailor what the
Monster had told him when they met. He recounts the misery the Monster felt after the family he’d been watching for sometime and had begun to love, shunned him when he revealed himself to them, this id the loving side of the Monster coming
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‘Cursed, cursed creator why did I live?’ this shows that he hates Frankenstein and he would have preferred it if he had never had been brought to life; the fact that he exists makes him so unhappy. Frankenstein is angry at the Monster for behaving the way he does and for demanding the things he does, ‘I could no longer suppress the rage that burned within me.’ He is scared of the Monster because he has the power to make his live miserable.
Lastly he is proud of the Monster because he is proof that He could create new life from the dead and all his work over the last few years hasn’t been a complete waste of time. Both characters can see the good and the evil within one another however both characters concentrate on the evil things they see in the other.

The setting for the most part of the book is very dark. The setting in these two chapters is no exception; Frankenstein and the Monster are talking in and ice-cave, on a glacier, which is a cold, dark, and unforgiving place. The Monster’s travels are over mountains and through forests and mostly by night.

The atmosphere is spine chilling, when the Monster describes the arson attack he says that, ‘licked it with their forked and destroying tongues.’ The Monster sees the flames that are burning down the cottage as forked tongues, which are usually
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