The Theogony: The Origins Of Greek Mythology

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Throughout history, myths have been used to explain the emergence of our Earth, human existence, as well as the causes and meanings behind naturally occurring phenomena. Today, some of the most influential and well-known myths come from Ancient Greek Mythology. While the exact origins of Greek Mythology remain unknown, some of the earliest accounts of Greek myths are considered to be Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. These myths are thought to have originally been told through oral tradition. Over time, as Mythology became more established throughout Greek Civilization, these stories developed into formally written works of literature. The Ancient Greeks lived vicariously through the tales of their heroes, gods, and goddesses. Although thousands of…show more content…
Roman Mythology came a thousand years after Greek Mythology, and was heavily influenced by Greek myths and legends. Greek and Roman Mythology are essentially the same and have been passed through the same oral traditions and later the same written ones. However, because the Romans had different customs, the ideology behind the two differ in some ways. The Greeks saw the role of mortals on Earth as equally as important as that of the god’s. Be that as it may, the societal contribution of mortals did not matter as much to the Romans. The Romans believed that the purpose of life on Earth for mortals was to reach the “afterlife.” This means that their lives were centered around doing good deeds so that they may be rewarded after death and earn their place in eternity among the gods. That being said, more emphasis was put on the heroic deeds of the gods rather than those of the mortals. This can be understood as mortals were working to be worthy of the…show more content…
This is where mortals would spend the afterlife. The Underworld is the setting to some of Greek Mythology’s most notorious myths. A prime example of this would be the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. There are different areas of the Underworld, and how you behaved as a mortal determined which you’d get to spend the afterlife in. Elysium was the place where good souls would go. It was a place of everlasting bliss and serenity, for these spirits could not be put in harm’s way. Though, some were not granted such peace, and had to face the afterlife in perpetual anguish. Like the monsters that reside deep within the Underworld, here, mortals can be condemned to an eternity of pain and torture. In Greek Mythology, the importance of the Underworld lies not only in the areas or the people that reside there, but in the landmarks deep within it. For example, the 5 rivers within the underworld have been the center of many myths. Namely, they are Phlegethon (fire), Styx (hatred), Acheron (lamentation), Cocytus (woe), and Lethe (forgetfulness). Tartarus is one of the deepest, darkest parts of the Underworld. It is home to the most cruel criminals. People banished into tartarus were often sentenced to the worst punishments. These landmarks have often been the center of myths and have helped to
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