The Theological Account of Cain Compared to the Movie Crash

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The Bible provides a theological account of a man by the name of Cain who was the first born son of Adam and Eve. Because Cain committed the act of murder by killing his brother Abel, God placed a mark on Cain’s body which made his skin appear black. Although many people could interpret the mark placed upon Cain as a literal mark, it is believed to be the beginning conception of African Americans. As the theological story progresses, Cain became irate with the mark placed upon him and as a result refuted his brother and the rest of his family. Through this ancient and biblical account we observe the beginning of prejudice and the lasting effect it has on our world. Although prejudice and stereotyping exists in many forms and between many nationalities, I was intrigued to see the lasting effects it had while watching the movie Crash. Through watching the movie Crash we will observe the lasting effects of prejudice and stereotyping, the harmful results it causes to others and many examples how learning to accept and love members of other nationalities will allow us to be better people. The movie Crash started on a roadway where it appeared a vehicle collision just took place, several vehicles were badly damaged and numerous individuals were arguing with each other. Upon taking a closer look, I observed there to be two females arguing with each other about who caused the vehicle collision. The first woman appeared to be of Asian descent whilst the other woman seemed to be

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