The Theological Plain Of Christianity

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In surveying the theological plain of Christianity regarding the atoning work of Christ, one is made aware of the scope of theories ascribed to it. Many of these theories can be attributed to heresy and rightly denied with a simple cursory look within the pages of Scripture. However, where such ideas can be dismissed, there remain two viewpoints readily opposed to one another in the extent of the atonement which dominates the landscape beyond any national border. Because of these two opposing ideologies, one must take a step back in order to reassert the groundwork in laying the foundation which leads to said viewpoints. Doing so would help in obtaining a correct understanding to be able to bring forth more clarity to a sometimes cloudy debate. As such, the need or necessity of the atonement must be addressed in asking why Christ had to die for man 's sin. The answer to this will in turn lend itself in determining the nature of the atonement, which looks at what Christ accomplished on the cross that makes salvation possible. The summation of these will direct the course to what the extent of the atonement asserts, perhaps the major crux or delineation within the Protestant church. Indeed, "[t]here are few doctrines which have received such a wide and variegated interpretation as the extent of the atonement," to the point that it "becomes so burdened with abstruse terminology that it can be utterly unintelligible, even to those who ostensibly promulgate its virtues."


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