The Theology Of The Trinity

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The Trinity
The Father: I AM that I AM. The first person of the Trinity: holy and eternal. He is the front of Deity (autotheos). He has no source but Himself, He is utterly transcendent and unknowable: “No man can come to the Father…” The Father is the ultimate source of the Godhead and of all things. The Son: The Word of the Father. He is the second Person (hypostasis) of the Trinity. He is eternally begotten of the Father, He is not made, “Begotten, not made.” His source is the Father’s Person (hypostasis), so he is not Deity (autotheos), but Divine. His divinity is inherited from the Father, despite having a source, He has always been. He never not existed. He was brought to the earth and carried by the Virgin Mary after she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was fully human and fully God, two natures in one person: a hypostatic union. He was killed and resurrected, conquering Death forever. He sits at the right hand of the Father, awaiting the day of final judgment. Humans can only approach the Father through the Son. Holy Spirit: The Lord, the giver of life. He is the third Person (hypostasis) of the Trinity. Despite having a source, he has always existed.
The Son and the Holy Spirit interact with one another and with the world. Through them we are able to interact with the Father. At Christ (the Son’s) baptism, the Holy Spirit descended like a dove upon Him. The Father is fully God, the person of the Father s not the person of the Son…

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