The Theoretical Approach That Best Suites The Family

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Introduction: The theoretical approach that best suites the family during this session is “Structural Functionalism.” This basic assumptions of this approach identifies that all systems must work together to function properly and the function of families is to procreate and socialize children. Terminology that is used within the concept: structure, function instrumental, expressive, equilibrium, the benchmark family, deviant behavior, conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and rebellion. Structure deals with the primary institution in the family setting such as: nuclear, single-parent, married, or divorced. Its function determines the services a family does in order to enhance survival. Instrumental describes a males common role; to provide for his family. Equilibrium is the assumption that any human system will resist change. This basically means that family member function best when things are balanced in life. This involves shared values and goal when performed through different roles. Each of the primary terms and concepts provide a focus on the exhibit altruistic behavior in the family being studies. In addition, this theory will provide a better understanding in the family’s form and how they work as a system.

Client Description: Father appears to be unkempt. Rose seems to be unkempt as well, hair unbrushed, and energy levels seems to be off. The son (Brian), daughter (Lori), and daughter (Jeanette) is in the session hair is shaggy and have a strong stench.
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