The Theoretical Background Of Visual Aids

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LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter builds the theoretical background of the research with four sections. The first section discusses about vocabulary including definitions, its importance in teaching English and some technique in vocabulary teaching. The second section provides an overview of visual aids through three main issues definitions, types, and roles. The next section offers the literature of characteristics of student’s elementary school. The last section concludes with a review of previous study related to this field.
2.1. Vocabulary
2.1.1. Definitions of vocabulary This section shows several definitions of vocabulary: Oxford Dictionary (6th ed, 2000), Hatch and Brown (1995), Hiebert, Lehr and Osborn (2004) Vocabulary is “all
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In this definition, Hiebert, Lert & Osborn define the term “vocabulary” in a broad meaning. This definition does not emphasize the form of vocabulary. In conclusion, although the concept “vocabulary” can be defined in many various ways, it is a common conclusion of all linguists that “vocabulary” is a component of language and is a total number of words existing in a language, including a word to express ideas or a phrase of words which have to understand in the context.
2.1.2. The importance of teaching vocabulary In this sub- section, the researcher provides an overview of the importance of teaching and learning vocabulary in the processing of teaching and learning English by Harmer (1991), Wilkins (cited in Thornbury, 2002), and Gu(2003). Vocabulary plays an important role in any language learning which has been identified as such by many linguists and experts. Harmer (1991, p.153) further stresses the concept by his famous saying “if language structure makes up the skeleton of the language, then it is vocabulary that provides the vital organs and the flesh.” With the same opinion, Wilkins (cited in Thornbury, 2002, p.13) also claimed that “without grammar, very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed”. In other words, he defines the importance of vocabulary. We can say little grammar,
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