The Theoretical Orientation Of Cognitive Therapy Essay

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Cognitive therapy was established in the 1960’s. It is one of the therapeutic approaches included in a group of cognitive behavioral therapies. It was established by Aaron Beck who actually changed the name from cognitive therapy to cognitive behavior therapy not too long ago. The therapy reveals distorted or harmful beliefs by applying techniques to analyze and remodel maladaptive thinking and learning or learning to centralize attention from obsessive thinking, while also integrating numerous techniques to bring about successful behavior change. This paper will provide a review of the theoretical orientation of cognitive therapy along with the personal viewpoint of counseling, change, and cognitive therapy from the author’s perspective. Additionally, an overview of depression is explained and how cognitive therapy can be utilized for treatment for depression.

Cognitive Therapy as Applied to Depression
Theoretical Orientation of Cognitive Therapy Cognitive therapy was established by Aaron Beck who was born in 1921. Aaron’s family migrated to the United States from Russia for better opportunities for their family. Beck was the youngest of three children. At a very young age Beck developed a fear of surgery and a blood injury phobia from that traumatic event of developing septicaemia from a broken arm that he found out to be staphylococcus infection years later. Beck attended Brown University where he received his bachelor’s degree and finished with his…
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