The Theoretical Success Of Decolonization

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The twenty-first century marked a fundamental change in world politics. The new era of politics reflected the decreased importance of a imperial European theatre and its hierarchical society. It was during this period that the notion of imperialism became associated with opprobrium. The formation of the UN and their charter on self-determination and human rights indicated an incompatibility with European imperialism. The bipolar system of international society determined that decolonization was the best key to ensure the UN new charters and to maintain global sustainability. The decolonization process of European empires attempted to transform the international society by integrating the European and Non-European world but failed in retrospect due to the Cold War politics. Therefore it will be the purpose of this essay to discuss and analyze the theoretical success of decolonization and how decolonization failed to integrate European and Non-European worlds into international society due to bipolarity and Cold War behaviour.
Following the conclusion of the Second World War, the new world establishment created the United Nations to be a political body where political, military and economic issues can be debated and discussed openly and as a international unit. This new establishment determined that the international society of European anarchic society and its imperial hierarchical society was not compatible with the UN’s mission. Following the Fourteen Points of Woodrow
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