The Theories And Aspects Of Management

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For the purpose of an deeper understanding of the theories and aspects of management, I have chosen two different individuals who both work as managers in their vastly different fields. Each one has had to develop their own use and understanding of the management skills, and how to use them to improve and adapt the fundamental skills of a successful manager to their everyday challenges. The first manager I interviewed, Lydia Lee, worked for a small family owned business; Out of This World Cakes & Cupcakes. Carmon Middleton and her husband, Doug Middleton, founded the company in 2009 in Spring, Tx. At the time it only employed family and close friends, but after a year of successful business they had to move to a larger location and open the door to other individuals who needed a job in order to maintain the demand for their bakery items. Their specialties included; bakery, gourmet cupcakes, cake pops, fudge, gourmet & dinner cakes, sheet cakes, brownies, blondies, cookies, gourmet coffee, various beverages, marshmallow pops, dine-in eater, drive thru (“Yelp,” 2015). They had an average staff of 9 individuals with annual revenue of 100,000 – 500,000 (“Manta” 2015). Lydia started out as a baker in 2009 and moved up in 6 months to become assistant manager of the store as the store gained in popularity. At this new position, Lydia was considered by the employer to be “the right hand” or co-owner of the establishment. With this gain in leadership, she was entrusted with the
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