The Theories And Aspects Of Management

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For the purpose of a deeper understanding on the theories and aspects of management, I have chosen two different individuals who both work as managers in their vastly different fields. Each one has had to developed their own use and understanding of the management skills, and how to used them to improve and adapt the fundamental skills of a successful manager to their everyday challenges. The first manager I interviewed, Lydia Lee, worked for a small family owned business; Out of This World Cakes & Cupcakes. Carmon Middleton and her husband, Doug Middleton, founded the company in 2009 in Spring, Tx. At the time it only employed family and close friends but after a year of successful business they had to move to a larger location and…show more content…
As the “right hand” of the owner, Lydia also took on the responsibilities of scheduling, logistical paper work, as well as any customer issues that had to be addressed throughout shifts and the business as a whole. One of Lydia’s major challenges that she faces as a manager was inefficient communication. There was a lack of information passed between her and the owner. There was a incident where they store wouldn’t have enough money that particular week to pay it’s employees that were supposed to be scheduled. Lydia was not aware of the issue when she was making the schedule. The owner had to take funds from other places to cover the costs, which hurt the overall budget for the month. For the future Lydia was requiring all information to be kept in emails to avoid future challenges. She has learned that in a position of leadership it is imperative to have a steady flow of updates. Communication continued to be a problem in the future even with this procedure in place, however she tried her best to stay informed at all times. She implemented daily meetings to also help reduce communication errors. The second issues Lydia faced, was time theft amongst the employees. This involved times where the cashier was on their phone the whole shift in the back or lying about when
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