The Theories Of Causation And Development Of Bdd

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The theories of causation Different factors seems to contribute to the development of BDD. According to the main researches, we need to consider the combination of genetic, biological, psychological, and social/cultural factors at the core of BDD. Although we are aware that the dangerous messages of our culture about the importance of appearance may contribute to the etiology of BDD, we want to prioritize what experts found about the genetic, biological, and psychological factors. In her preliminary study, Phillips (2009) found that about 20% of individuals with BDD have at least one first-degree relative with BDD. If the suggestion that BDD runs in families is accurate, we probably infer that “family members share genes that increase…show more content…
Thus, the hyperactive reaction of the amygdala in BDD subjects suggests that they may automatically feel threatened by situations, and it may cause “compulsive BDD behaviors (such as excessive grooming) and avoidance behaviors (such as avoiding social situations)” (Phillips, 2009, p. 131). Another valid hypothesis is that people with BDD may have a chemical imbalance of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps nerve cell to communicate well. As Phillips thought, since this neurotransmitter is involved in the visual system, it helps people from overacting to unimportant sensory input from the environment. Possible psychological factors are early life experiences in childhood and personality traits. Experts affirms that the risk of having BDD is more probable in individuals who have had certain childhood experiences such as mocking and maltreatment. In her research, Phillips (2009) indicated that “60% of people with BDD report frequent or chronic teasing about their appearance during childhood or adolescence” (p. 134). Nonetheless, trauma and abuse also seems good indicators in getting BDD. Research by Didiea, Tortolania, Popea, Menarda, Faya, and Phillips (2006) found that 78.7% of people

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