The Theories Of Counseling And Therapy

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According to Merriam-Webster, theory is defined as an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events. In every profession, theories are necessary to help determine if facts are credible. Credible theories are based on ideas, observations, and research. They have been tested in studies to see if they are effective (Gladding, 2005). For a theory to be considered as a good theory, it must meet certain criteria. It must be clear and easy to understand, comprehensive, written in a way that invites others to explore its uses, contains guidelines that others can follow to achieve desired results, and it must be practical and provides strategies its followers may use under certain conditions (Gladding, 2005).
Theories that are related to counseling and therapy have been in existence since the beginning of time. Early theories are now considered antiquated theories meaning that they were the best that could be used considering the times. They are now considered old fashion and some are even considered barbaric as they were extremely brutal especially for the treatments of mental illnesses. One of the oldest practices is trephining which was the practice of drilling holes into the skull to release evil spirits. These evil spirits were the cause of mental disorders, seizures and other illnesses. Archaeological evidence has shown that trephining was practiced as early as 6500 BC. This practice continued to be used for years and was used for the treatment of other…
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