The Theories Of Crime And Criminal Behavior

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In this essay the author will be drawing up on three different criminological theories and how they can explain crime and criminal behaviour differently. There is no universal definition of crime that gives a simple and straight forward definition. Crime is a constantly changing idea that changes due to the persons perceptions of what they would classify as ‘crime’ and what is regarded as criminal behaviour (crime and criminology). There is also no straightforward way of explaining what criminal behaviour is, as it can be something that breaks the law. However, there may be many reasons or circumstances for this action, which take a criminal act and decriminalises it.
One of the three criminological theories that will be discussed and explored is Subcultures. Subcultures emerge as a means of solving problems created by the incompatible demands of structure and culture (Newburn 2007:196). We see subcultures as a ‘gang’ with a different set of values and norms from mainstream society, so this therefore gets them labelled as ‘deviant’ and non conformists. There can be many different forms of subcultures and individual beliefs can determine subcultures to be appropriate or non-appropriate depending on their own personal views, subcultures can be anything from punk rockers to bodybuilders, Muggleton, David (2002). Inside Subculture: The Postmodern Meaning of Style. Berg Publishers. ISBN 1-85973-352-2. Each Subculture has different views, morals and goals, these can be shared…
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