The Theories Of Evolution Of The Human Population

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The Theories of Evolution The human population has always wondered where they came from, or how they came to be. Why do they have certain characteristics that distinguish them from other species, or how did they acquire these characteristics? Why do they have similar traits to other species? There are many questions about the existence of the human population that they would love to have the answer to. Unfortunately, there is not an answer that is a proven fact. Luckily, there are theories that try to explain where humans and other species evolved from. The two well-known theories of evolution are accredited to Jean Baptiste Lamarck and Charles Darwin. Jean Baptiste Lamarck developed the theory of acquired characteristics, which is often known as Lamarckism (Stanford 17). Lamarck’s theory stated that, “all organisms make adjustments to their environment during their lifetime that could be passed on to their offspring, making those offspring better adapted to their environment” (Stanford 17). Lamarck says that organisms adapt to their environment during their lives and the characteristics that they acquire during their lifetime are passed off to their offspring; The offspring are now better adapted to the environment. Charles Darwin had a different approach in his theory of evolution. Darwin believed in his theory of evolution by natural selection. Natural selection is the idea that “individuals with favorable variations would survive and reproduce, but those with
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