The Theories Of Howard Gardner And Urie Bronfenbrenner

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The Theories of Howard Gardner and Urie Bronfenbrenner are two theorists at the heart of my education philosophy. I firmly believe in Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory and his perspective that everyone has their own individual learning style. This is important to know, especially when working with children. Understanding how each child learns best and the way they process information provides teachers with a unique viewpoint into each student and allows for opportunities to teach in a way that fosters many benefits for everyone. Using Gardner’s theory as a basis for my teaching, allows me to plan meaningful inclusive curriculum and create a classroom environment that encourages success for each child and their families. As a teacher in an inclusive classroom, I will work to fully provide opportunities for authentic learning, where every child feels valued, safe and included. My goal will be to find occasions every day to nurture independent learning, along with peer support that promotes a sense of personal growth and achievement. I recognize that every child has strengths and weaknesses, special talents, and specific needs, regardless of individual challenges. My objective will be to model appropriate behavior and show acceptance of everyone who enters our classroom. To fully give each child the education they deserve, I will thrive to meet Developmentally Appropriate Practices by planning curriculum that meets NAYEC (National Association for the Education of

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