The Theories Of Human Mind And Behavior

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Psychology refers to the scientific study of all the aspects of human mind and behavior. Psychology is broadly categorized in various branches that deeply analyze different concepts of human behavior. In Human Growth and Development, full perceptions of the process of human development are covered in detail evaluating various stages of human growth. As such, this aspect provides an overview of the stages of human life from birth through the middle stages to the adult stage. Some various theories are set to provide some guiding principles and concepts that analyze the human development in a coherence and detailed form. The major theories identified in this branch of psychology include the psychoanalytic theories, the learning methods, and the cognitive development theories.
Psychoanalytic theory
According to McCammon (2011), this approach is mainly based on the aspects that humanly acquires in different growing stages. In this case, the early stages of human development primarily contribute to their functions as adults. As a matter of fact, this theory encompasses all the factors that focus on the encouragement of behavior in various ways. This is achieved by some aspects that show the roles displayed by the unconscious in different categorical facets. Arguably, this theory identifies the different social interactions perceived differently in varied stages of human development. Additionally, conflicts are well evaluated in the various established stages for the purpose of…
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