The Theories Of Human Mind And Behavior

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Psychology refers to the scientific study of all the aspects of human mind and behavior. Psychology is broadly categorized in various branches that deeply analyze different concepts of human behavior. In Human Growth and Development, full perceptions of the process of human development are covered in detail evaluating various stages of human growth. As such, this aspect provides an overview of the stages of human life from birth through the middle stages to the adult stage. Some various theories are set to provide some guiding principles and concepts that analyze the human development in a coherence and detailed form. The major theories identified in this branch of psychology include the psychoanalytic theories, the learning methods, and…show more content…
As evidenced, the theory is extensively discussed in detail by various scholars who evaluate different minor branches to give a descriptive account of human development. Contextually, psychosexual development is estimated by individual students to show how human personality developed in various phases over the course of childhood. In this context, psychosexual theory suggests that human nature is mainly established at the age of five years. As a result of this, early experiences influence the behavior of the individual by playing significant roles that contribute to the progression of the person to a completely developed adult.
Learning theory
This theory in human growth and development is developed to analyze major issues that are not covered in psychoanalytic theory. In this case, it includes the absence of significant empirical pieces of evidence of supporting psychoanalytic claims by developing an approach that scientifically encompasses all the aspects of development (Burns, 2013). As such, this theory thereby focuses on establishing on the issues that show how behavior is learned. Some of the factors considered for the effectiveness of this approach include classical conditioning mechanism, operant conditioning, and social learning theory. In classical conditioning theory, learning is achieved by the use of a systematic mechanism that focuses on creating an
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