The Theories Of Jung And Freud

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Although many psychologists dismiss the theories of Jung and Freud as unscientific, they are very well known and highly influential. Why do you think this is?

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud are two of the most well known psychologists due to both their contributions to psychology that are still relevant today and also the controversial nature of their work. Many psychologists believed that their work was not scientific and therefore not useful in psychology. For example, Freud’s theories are considered unfalsifiable because they cannot be proved or disproved, which is mainly due to the abstract concepts that cannot be measured objectively. There was a subjective nature to their work, which had little empirical evidence to support it. However, many of Freud and Jung’s original theories and ideas are highly influential and have practical implications in the present day, despite their lack of a scientific approach.

One of the main implications of Freud’s work was the development of psychoanalysis, which was considered unscientific as any evidence supporting its success was based on self-report data and not on scientific evidence. In addition, any evidence that did regard psychoanalysis as a successful treatment of mental illness did not suggest that it was any more successful than other treatments.

Freud approached mental illness in a whole new way, considering the possibility that mental illness was not purely physiological but that mental illnesses had a psychological basis
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