The Theories Of Leadership And Management

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I have just been appointed to organise a small team in a large corporate organisation. As I am new to this role I have been provided with the assistance of a mentor.
In the first meeting I realised that to have a useful discussion with the mentor I should study the concepts and theories related to management and leadership so I can properly make the notes that would help in proper discussion with the mentor. For this reason I studied different articles and make notes that consist of:

In this report I will discuss the four leadership theories that include leader-member exchange theory, path-goal theory, transactional-transformational theory and the full- range leadership theory. (UK essays. November 2013) we start the report by discussing the leader-member exchange theory. Leader-Member Exchange Theory, also called LMX or Vertical Dyad Linkage Theory, explains "how leaders in groups maintain their position through a series of tacit exchange agreements with their members". In this theory there are 3 qualities of the leader-follower collaborations were analyzed by the LMX such as locus of control, need for power, and self esteem. The extent to which a person has control over his life and environment is locus of control. A person who think they are responsible for all their activities are the persons with the internal locus of control. These people are usually the people who show more satisfaction
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