The Theories Of Leadership Using A Reflective Account

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The purpose of this essay is to examine the theories of leadership using a reflective account. The author intends to discuss how the identified theories and/or models influence clinical practice in healthcare settings. Additionally, the essay will include discussions on the ways of measuring the effectiveness of these models. Finally, recommendations on the improvement and patient and staff experiences are provided. The essay first defines leadership in general terms, and then focuses on leadership in the health care system.
Leadership entails guiding others to realize particular goals using a variety of skills (Sullivan & Garland, 2011); Weihrich & Koontz, 2008). Likewise, Spector (2006), defined leadership as the art of influencing others to readily and actively endeavour towards achieving goals set by the team. Additionally, Spector (2006) emphasized that there is a shared theme that leadership comprises influencing individual belief systems, behaviours and feelings. As such, the smooth running of an organization requires effective leadership.
In healthcare settings, emphasis on clinical leadership ought to be made. Clinical leadership is a shared leadership that includes all nurses irrespective of grade. Shared leadership in a clinical setting refers to leadership shared within multidisciplinary teams (MDT). Stacey et al (2012) suggested that the MDT involves various healthcare professionals and across services with specialized expertise, knowledge and skills working…

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