The Theories Of Louis Althusser And Michel Foucault

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Religion is potentially one of the single most influential concepts in our history as people. Power in religion divides social groups and those groups contain a tiny portion of a ruling elite group who make use of power and control others. In social groups, individuals who are inferior or subordinate are dealt with as subjects by the ones who exert more control and are compelled to accept societal norms free willingly while those who are superior hold power. A Pentecostal church uses powerful mechanisms such as internal surveillance or panopticism to keep their believers in a well-disciplined society. In this essay I look at the way power is exerted throughout the ritual at Kennedy Road Tabernacle in a Pentecostal church, demonstrating how those in power have control over the ones who are inferior or subordinate. Throughout this examination, I will use the theories of Louis Althusser and Michel Foucault to analyze the ways in which power is exerted within the members of this community.

During my observations at our visit to the Pentecostal church, there was an unequal distribution of power between the men and women in labour divisions and the tasks they were assigned in terms of the location they were in while performing the tasks. The Kennedy Road Tabernacle Pentecostal church had both a lobby and the main hall where the ritual took place. Upon entering the lobby of the church, there was a woman standing at the entrance handing out brochures and greeting people as they…
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